Wolfelele Ukeleles - Affordable, quality hand-crafted triangular ukelele kits

About Us

The company's founder and instrument designer, Wolfgang Kater, began building guitars at the age of 12, and soon branched out to lutes, viola da gambas and other small, historical keyboard instruments. At the inquisitive age of six he had apprenticed an elderly gentleman who taught him cabinet-making, machining, and the use and fabrication of tools. The Wolfelele ukeleles are the results of the combination of the precision required for each of these trades, his natural artistic abilities, and his engineering mind.

Wolfgang also completed his music degree and spent the better part of two decades building his world renowned harpsichords.

In addition to the knowledge he gained from the above experiences, he also acquired his teaching degree from McGill University (Montréal, Québec, Canada), explored race car development, machine tools fabrication, and taught high school.

As a fellow folk festival planner and past teacher, Wolfgang understands the importance of an attractive, dynamic, interactive workshop as well as the need for kinesthetic learning tools and the Galatea Effect on students.

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