Wolfelele Ukeleles - Affordable, quality hand-crafted triangular ukelele kits

Order your Wolfelele online

To place an order to anywhere outside of Canada or the USA please contact wolfelele.info@gmail.com with your order specifics and shipping address. We'll send you a Paypal invoice and then, once your payment is cleared, we'll confirm the shipping date and have your Wolfelele on its way!

Here at Wolfelele.com we try to make receiving a ukulele as easy and affordable as possible. Our shipping and handling costs are structured around mailing single instruments. If you would like to order multiple Wolfeleles, please contact us at wolfelele.info@gmail.com to learn more about bulk shipping and handling discounts. 

With the exception of the Trilele model, all Wolfelele uke kits are available with Cherry top, back, and sides at an extra cost. Please note that these kits are made to order, and so the period of time between your payment and our shipment may be up to two weeks. To inquire about timing, please email 

Wolfelele guarantees the quality and playability of every one of its ukulele kits, and will replace defective parts. If you have any concerns about your Wolfelele kit, please email us at wolfelele.info@gmail.com and we will work with you to ensure that your ukulele is up and running as soon as possible. Customer confidence and satisfaction is our biggest concern, so we will do whatever it takes to make every Wolfelele player and collector a happy one! 
After completing your purchase on Wolfelele.com:
You will receive a confirmation email from us within 48hrs of your payment being cleared. We aim to have regular kits shipped within 8 business days of the confirmation email, and we provide you with the tracking number once your kit is in the mail — you can start gathering the glue, screwdriver and sandpaper that you'll use to build your Wolfelele once it arrives! 

For all other inquiries, please email wolfelele.info@gmail.com 

(PDF — 204 KB)

$*55 CDN Regular
$*95 CDN Cherry
*before shipping and handling

(PDF — 204 KB)

$*80 CDN Regular
$*120 CDN Cherry
*before shipping and handling

(PDF — 206 KB)

$*110 CDN Regular
$*150 CDN Cherry
*before shipping and handling

(PDF — 206 KB)

$*140 CDN Regular
$*180 CDN Cherry
*before shipping and handling

(PDF — 206 KB)

$*38 CDN
*before shipping and handling

Please email wolfelele.info@gmail.com to order your trilele.

Please note that prices and slight design features, materials, and components are subject to change without notice. 
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