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Ana Miura - The Boat & The Shore
Played on a Wolfelele Ukelele
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There currently exists several models of Wolfelele ukeleles: the tri-lele school model, the soprano, alto, tenor,and baritone.

Handmade in Canada, each triangular model has been tirelessly researched, developed and tested by Wolfgang.

The interchangeable fingerboards mean that a beginner player can upgrade to a more challenging instrument as they hone their skills.

Each kit contains: the neck, tuners, two sides, the bottom, the fingerboard, the bridge, two bridge screws, four fingerboard screws, strings, the top, and the back. Each workshop facilitator will also receive a helpful manual with tips and tricks on how to conduct a ukelele building workshop as well as a list of tools and supplies required.

Because our kits encourage hands-on learning, interactivity and cognitive skills they are ideal for:

  • School music programs
  • Folk festival activities
  • Girl Guides/Scouts/Beavers/Brownies
  • Museum music workshops
  • Senior craft centres
  • Kinesthetic learning prgrams
  • Retail music outlets
  • Corrective institutions
  • Ukelele clubs
  • Youth centres
  • Summer camps
  • and more

E-mail us at info@wolfelele.com to discuss your needs!

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