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Music learning from an early age has been shown to stimulate the brain’s neural pathways helping children develop learning, memory and social interaction abilities. Recent studies demonstrate how learning music can help children:

  • improve reasoning capacity and problem solving skills
  • improve math and language performance
  • aid in the development of better memory
  • aid in the development of social interaction and team building skills

So how can you capitalize further still on helping your students learn through music?

Competency Building

An appreciation and love for music can exponentially explode simply by allowing the student to build their own instrument. Building an instrument that actually plays will reap myriad benefits:

  • Develop cognitive skills
  • Develop reasoning capacity
  • Kinesthetic learning tool
  • Foster creative expression
  • Galatea effect

Our Tri-lele Kit has been designed specifically to address the above key learning skills, meet current teaching criteria and have been used successfully in elementary and high schools, folk festivals, ukelele clubs, and community youth oriented groups.

Our product allows students to easily build their own hand-crafted instrument in a classroom setting. Designed to encourage interactive participation, competencies building, and hands-on learning students will take pleasure in their sense of accomplishment and ownership as they assemble a playing instrument from simple parts. They will equally delight in the creativity and individualism they can express as they
decorate the finished product.

Teacher Brochure.pdf (PDF — 565 KB)
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